MITB Sports reserves the right to change any players level of play prior to the start of a league if it is found that you are “Sandbagging”. Sandbagging is something that we have all been a victim of from time to time and it is not fun.

Define Sandbagging:
Deliberately playing at a level lower than your skill level to increase your chances of winning.

Not Sandbagging:
Deliberately playing at the level you are or playing at a higher level to gain experience and truly compete with other players at your level or better.

If M.I.T.B. Sports determines you are sandbagging we will send the player an email with the information we have found and allow you to move up to the higher level. However, there will be No Refunds for Sandbagging.

Just remember, your rating can vary between very low to very high. This is not sandbagging. Sandbagging is a 4.0 player playing at a 3.5 level (Example).


Debbie Adams

Sandbagging is NO fair or fun to anyone. For me when I play a level that is higher than me and I put a big whopping on them, it's not rewarding in the least. I prefer my opponents to be my level or even better because that improves my game and is fun for all. Sandbagging is cheating in my book.πŸŽΎπŸŽΎπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž


M.I.T.B Sports does check USTA NTRP levels

ALTA - Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association

USTA 2.5 - ALTA: C9-C7, USTA 3.0 - ALTA: C6-C1, USTA 3.5 - ALTA: B9-B4, USTA 4.0 - ALTA: B3-A7, USTA 4.5 - ALTA: A6-A1, USTA 5.0 - ALTA: AA (Open)

Ultimate/T2 Tennis


Granted - League Tennis levels are somewhat questionable and will be used as a last resort.