Flexible Tennis League

What is a flexible tennis league?

MITB Tennis provides online flexible tennis leagues. Flexible tennis leagues provide players the convenience of flexible match scheduling:

  • Teams register for upcoming leagues based on their skill level.
  • Leagues are 10 matches of regular season play followed by a city-wide championship tournament.
  • Teams choose a home court facility when registering and are placed in divisions based on their level and the location of their home court.
  • Half of the regular season matches are played at the team’s home court and the others at the opponent’s home court.
  • Schedules are posted on the website the first day of the regular season.
  • Teams contact their opponents throughout the season and schedule each match by its deadline. With flexible scheduling, players have the option of playing any time as long as the match is played by the deadline.
  • Teams use the website to post scores and track their standings during the regular season.
  • Top finishers in each division can participate in an optional city-wide championship tournament to determine city champions at each level.
  • Division winners receive 100 points, city champions receive 500 points & city finalists receive 250 points. Adult city champs also get 20% of the total level fees OR a Trophy.